There is an old adage that says no man is an island. It cannot be denied because in truth, man has always been seen as a part of a family, a group, and a community.

We have an innate need o connect with others of our species, all things being healthy and normal. The human by nature is a social being. Because of that, there is this need within each individual to be with one another.

We see this in the fact that, unlike most other creatures, we seek out a suitable partner; leave our initial family to build one for ourselves.

We are still seeking connection in that point, seeking to overlap/ add to our social support and longevity of connections.

More than just the need for companionship as reflected in our need to be part of a family and a community, is man’s need for physical touch.

Affection or simply affirmation of another’s presence, seems to have a stark affect on our psyche and health.

This is what truly makes us different from all other creatures. Human contact plays a very significant role in our ability to communicate with one another.

On the other hand, it puts us straight back to mammal status, in that we don’t need verbal communication when physical contact/ body language is clear.

Touch is essential to how we think, feel, communicate, and bond. Children bond with mothers and caregivers through touch. Lovers bond with each other through touch.

Whenever we are at either a low or high emotional state, we tend to seek contact from another person. Healthy/ kind physical touch has the power to calm and heal.

This can come as a pat on the back or a hug that could be either a congratulatory or an act of comfort depending on the situation.

Having a massage with a qualified therapist can bring great physical relaxation and psychological fulfillment to a person, who is not receiving enough physical affirmation. Touch has a magical transforming effect.

Even our way of greeting one another also involves touching. This can be in the form of a handshake or a kiss. People touch each other’s arm when trying to extend meaning or kindness in their conversation, or to create a closer connection to be heard and understood.

Human contact fills an innate, ingrained need in every individual. It’s biological, our survival. In fact even according to scientific research, a touch can have profound effect on our physical and emotional well-being.

Eliminates Stress

A simple hug, as well as a tap on the back, can greatly help in lowering down stress as well as help in building trust and security. This is why these two gestures are often times the most effective when we are trying to console someone.

There have been studies to suggest a human needs a lot of human touch, like 17 hugs a day, to feel emotionally and psychologically fulfilled, balanced and loved.

More than just the emotional benefits, a hug can also result to lower heart rate among women. Our need for assurance and protection is often the catalyst that leads us to become involved in a relationship.

(Hence the male’s responsibility to be honest with her if he has no intention of protecting her or building some security with her…)

It can also stimulate the thymus gland to balance the production of white blood cells therefore leading to keeping one healthy and disease-free. There’s no question about it, healthy physical touch is essential to our balanced health and well being.

Promotes Balanced Development

We have all experienced the soothing effect of a hug and the comfort we get from a simple pat on the back. However, what we may never realize is that a gentle massage can help newborn infants gain weight faster as well as aid in the proper development of mental and motor skills.

When an innocent child reacts with such positive effects, then we know this is something we need to pay attention to. This is real evidence, without bias or pretense, that physical touch as essential to maximizing our human experience.

Finally, touching serves as the most basic way for parents to bond and communicate with their children. Truly, companionship and human contact are very significant part of our very existence.

This is why it is always best to set out on a vacation with a travel companion who can show you genuine care. Just someone to hold hands with while walking on the beach, or to hug at the end of a lovely dinner, or to dance with on a romantic evening, will enhance not only the trip itself, but your very health! This alone can have very significant effect on the success of your getaway.

The quality of the touch is important, however. Random robotic touch has some benefit; touch is touch. However it won’t be as effective as the touch from one who has meaning and care behind it.

We’ve all has massages that were mechanical and relatively useless, and massages where the therapist was mentally present and connected. The energy of a person can be transferred to another.

It’s common knowledge that we absorb the energy of those we spend the most time around. We absorb it in every day life also, to a lesser degree. Positive, supportive and genuine energy in conjunction with touch will be far more beneficial than robotic touch.

Therefore the quality of your companion matters also. Book someone of high quality, who will genuinely connect with you. A girl who meets hundreds of men every month will not be fresh or see you as a person with whom to connect.

A high quality companion or courtesan escort who meets less people, for deeper connections, will be engaged with you, connect with you, and be able to transmit pure positive vibes and loving energy, in order to make her touch highly beneficial to you.

Invest in quality for yourself, not the equivalent of fast food. One gives to you, on takes from you. Be smart.