A first date is designed to allow both you and your partner to get to know each other and see if there is a chance for you to build friendship or even a romantic relationship with each other. It is a time to explore and discover each other’s interests. It is an integral part of any romantic relationship. There is literally no romantic relationship you can find that did not went through this stage.

This is why giving gifts is very important. Gifts are excellent ways to express courtesy and appreciation for her taking the time to get to know you. Whether both of you were introduced by a friend or you meet each other at a bar, giving gifts on the first date is an excellent idea. However, the gift itself need not be expensive. There are some guys who would opt for extravagant gift to impress the lady but the thing is, it does not always work the way you want it. Besides, you can always go for lavish gifts as soon as you know she is a keeper.

If you are looking for excellent first date gifts, the following suggestions should be helpful:


Of all the gifts you can give a lady on a first date, a flower is perhaps the most romantic. After all, flowers are very much associated with relationships particularly romantic ones. Therefore, giving her flowers on your first date will really put things in the right direction. Most importantly, women loves to be at the receiving end of a flower given as a gift. It always seem to bring out that girly feelings in her.

When you are opting for this gift, it would be best to go for a single bloom. For one, it would not be too expensive as it is still just your first date. You can also choose a budding rose flower to give the impression that you are hopeful for a budding relationship between you.

A poem

This would really work with romantic individuals. Poems are always regarded as a deep expression of one’s heart and giving one to a lady can ignite a mixture of emotions. Don’t worry if you are not the poet type. There is really nothing wrong about picking a poem that best fit your mood at the moment. Poetry books are always available as well as copies of great romantic poems in the internet. You will have ample supply of them.

Giving her a poem can also help her see you in a different perspective. Poems are also associated with gentleness. Giving her one can mean that you are gentle about how you are expecting the relationship to progress. It could help her see that you want to get to know her without rushing things. A lot of women appreciate that.


We all love a great picture. This is why giving her a picture of you both on your date is a good idea. It is also unique. To pull this off though, you need to have someone take the picture. It is always great if she did not know you are being photographed. It adds to the mystery of the gift.

Photographs are great for giving after the date. You can add a note at the back telling her you really enjoyed the evening. It would seem like a late gift but there is no way she will not appreciate it.

Give her a simple yet memorable gift. Whether or not you would end up as a romantic couple, it would really be great to give her something to remember you by. Something to remind her that someone made an effort to make her extra special.