Although Abu Dhabi is not seen to be as sophisticated as its glitterati neighbor Dubai, the city is still very beautiful and vibrant. It doesn’t have the dense traffic jams and poseurs that its neighbor has, but the city is definitely attractive and fascinating. If you’re looking for a great vacation experience, Abu Dhabi promises a myriad of attractions and activities that can surely put your mind at ease. Set your body free from the stress and hassles of your daily job. If you’re looking for a great Middle Eastern vacation experience minus the wild nightlife, then you’ll be glad to discover that this city has a laid back feel about it that will definitely suit your preferences.

How to best experience Abu Dhabi

While Abu Dhabi is a lovely place that will absolutely live up to your expectations, a vacation alone in the city would prove to be a bit lonely and unproductive. There’s no better way to experience world-famous cities and destinations like Abu Dhabi, than in the company of a gorgeous woman. You may think that you don’t need travel companions because tour guides would abound. The thing is, tour guides will never afford you a more personal experience the way our models can. The best way to get to know the city is to visit it in the company of an elite and gorgeous escort and companion.

Enjoying Abu Dhabi with an elite escort

When it comes to elite escort services, Mystique Companions International is nestled among the top providers, and rivals them for premium position. We’re a highly respected professional escort agency that provides high end services to our esteemed clients. Our top escort models are well bred, educated, and definitely smart. Of course, all this is in addition to her gorgeous natural beauty. Take your stunning courtesan on a trip to Abu Dhabi Heritage Village and get a glimpse of the pre-oil life in the UAE. As this life is still prevalent in many parts of the Arabian Peninsula/ Gulf, you’ll actually get to experience the different and more authentic faces of the Middle East. After an eventful tour in the Heritage Village, you can drop by Al Arish Restaurant and enjoy a sumptuous Middle Eastern meal. This is a great place to sample local dishes such as ouzi and majboos (or ‘kabsa’). Both of you can then retire to your hotel room for a glass of wine to end the day.

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