As the cultural center of Australia, Melbourne is definitely stylish and artsy. The city reflects so much of its history in the architecture one can find in the city as well as its multicolored look. If you are looking for the perfect place to spend a short vacation, Melbourne should be at the top of your consideration list.

The city enjoys an oceanic climate which is perfect for beach outings as well as park visits and trekking. Its array of museums and edgy street art is just some of the best and easy to find attractions in the city. The best part is that these are just the top layer of the mesh that makes up Melbourne. The more you peel away, the more fun you will discover.

The question here is how will you expertly peel off these top layers? They say the best way to experience Melbourne is to do so as a local would. Therefore, as a visitor and vacationist, the best option is to spend your Melbourne vacation with a local.

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