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Moscow has always been very important for the Russians. The city is their capital and the seat of their power. It is also highly considered as one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. This is because the city is truly a sight to behold.

Moscow is very rich in history and beauty – and not only its women! It is well known for its unique architecture consisting of various historical buildings, as well as for its lush surrounding greenery.

In fact, other than its majestic buildings, the city is also credited as one of the greenest capitals and major cities in Europe and the world. This acclaim is recognition of the fact that Moscow has the largest forest in an urban area. Moscow is definitely a fascinating place to visit.

Make your Moscow visit extra meaningful

Being in a foreign place can be a bit difficult as you have to hurdle multiple obstacles such as unfamiliarity to the place as well as language barrier. This is why it’s always important to travel to Moscow with a very talented travel companion.

Do away with common tour guides, as these people will simply talk about the attractions without really being interested in you personally, or making your Moscow stay extra-meaningful.

The best way to gain a perfect Moscow vacation is to spend it with a chic Moscow escort. She will not only know the areas and hot spots, she will be invested in making sure your experience is tailored to you personally, and will do everything necessary to make your Moscow memories unforgettable.

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Enjoy Moscow in a whole different way

Moscow is full of attractions for you to visit; attractions that hold so much promise of fun and amazement. Visit Bolshoi Theatre and be mesmerized by the seemingly gravity defying ballerina as she nimble around the stage gracefully. Explore the Kremlin and Red Square and get to know its historical weight as you feel the significance of these places in the history of the whole Moscow and Russia.

When you are done roaming around, share a very delightful meal with your lovely female companion at Café Pushkin and experience the tsarina of haute-russe dining. Enjoy a witty conversation with your beautiful travel escort as you enjoy a meal that is a delicious blend of Russian and French cuisine. You will find that your exquisite travel companion is as fun to be with as the food is delicious.

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