What comprises a great vacation? When it comes to planning your personal short vacation, the first thing that you should always consider is the destination. It should be perfect for relaxation with numerous sights and attractions to minimize boredom.

It should be able to provide a number of distractions as well as an array of restaurants where you can hangout for delicious meals. Taking all these in consideration, one of the best destinations you can plan on is Essen.

The city boasts of being a city of culture and commerce. It not only showcases business establishments but also museums and theaters. On top of all those, you would be glad to know that parks and recreational areas are also present to provide you with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. 

Would you like to marvel on a Van Gogh art? You will not be disappointed as you can find one at Museum Folkwang. The Cathedral Treasury also showcases the gen studded childhood crown of Emperor Otto III.

And of course, the Zollverein, a coal mine with an amazing museum. All these are just a few of the things you can look forward to on your Essen vacation. That means you’ll have a pleasant distractions from all the hassles of daily work.

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What’s the next consideration? Well, you need to have a travel companion. Going on an Essen vacation alone just won’t have the same effect as you desire. Some of the best things this world has to offer should be shared with another person.

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