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People who are looking for vacation destination often look into the population of a place as well as the lifestyle of the people in it. The most common question one is asking is if the city can be considered very livable. If you are looking to enjoy a few days away from all the hassles and pressures of work without having to leave behind the busy city lifestyle, then Antwerp is an excellent choice.

The city is a bustling one with a large population of about 500, 000. With a port that is highly considered to be among the largest in the world, you can expect that the city has a very active business economy. What makes the city really great for vacation is that despite being a busy business city, it still has some of the best tourist attractions to look out for.

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While it is true that you would definitely find Antwerp to be an amazing city, it would be very easy to get drowned in its fast-paced lifestyle. It would be best to keep yourself anchored on the things that you want to do and places and attractions you want to explore and discover.

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